Premier Advising Services for Corporations, Nonprofits, and Individuals

We Can Help Mitigate Risk And Keep Your Assets Protected

Protecting your people and properties so your organization continues to run efficiently is something Premier Advising Services is highly skilled to handle. We are poised and ready to aid your organization in the following ways:

Investigative Interviews

Event Production and Security Plans

Emergency After Action Reports

Crisis Management and Communications

Emergency Preparedness and Mitigation Plans

Security Products and Technology

Emergency Operational Strategies

Threat Assessments

Workplace Violence Prevention Programs

Emergency Recovery Strategies

Security Inspections and Programs

Let Our Consultants Help Your Nonprofit

Keeping your organization funded and known to carry out its mission takes an experienced team. We can help your nonprofit create and implement successful fundraising and marketing ideas that work. We offer back-of-the house Development and Marketing operations in addition to the following services:

Major Gift Programs

Legacy Giving Plans

Special Events

Annual Fund Campaigns

Fundraising & Marketing Plans

New Donor Acquisition Initiatives

Lapsed Donor Reactivation Campaigns

Development & Marketing Operations

Grant Writing & Research

Capital Campaigns

Training Presentations

Board Development

Stewardship Programs

Mid-level Donor Initiatives

Allow Our Agency To Assist In Defining Your Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Making a lasting impression on your community starts with a comprehensive plan. Our team of experts will partner with your team to develop highly focused protocols that achieve clear goals. Here are some of the ways that Premier Advising Services can help you with your Corporate Social Responsibility program:



Grant Infrastructure Reviews

Nonprofit Evaluations

Giving Guideline Plans

Grant Infrastructure Development

Donor Experience

Social Sector Tours

Employee Giving

Training Programs & Curriculum Develpment

We Can Help You Define Your Legacy As A Successful Philanthropist

Implementation of your philanthropic mission requires experience combined with creativity. Our gifted advisors will give you the guidance, analysis, and strategy that works for your family. The list below highlights how Premier Advising Services can help you become a successful philanthropist:

Outcome Reviews

Naming Rights Research

Nonprofit Leadership & Staff Audits

Mission Selection Analysis

Post-Investment Follow Up

Philanthropy Vision Planning

Family Foundation Training

New Program & Financial Assessments

Domestic & International Review Tours