Case Study of Corporate Social Responsibility Where We Increased Employee Giving by 40%

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After many years of working in the Development industry, I have realized that more and more corporations are either wanting to establish Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs or build on their existing CSR plans.

Since I have worked in the nonprofit industry and for corporations, and held profound positions, I have interacted with and served many high-profile companies. One memorable corporate relationship took place with a company headquartered in Michigan but with a rather large operation in Scottsdale, Arizona.

While working at a large nonprofit, I was asked to manage a caseload of 200 "corporate" accounts with regards to their Community Relations or Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

The Michigan-based company had a laser-focused plan regarding their nonprofit involvement, but hadn’t engaged with our nonprofit prior to my arrival. After they reached out to our office, I created a cultivation plan to engage this corporation in a profound way.

What was the Purpose of a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy?

To catch the attention of their employees in hopes of acquiring new donors through their employee giving program.

To secure large donations through their grant committee.

To involve the headquarter location in a meaningful partnership.

To create volunteer tasks that would eventually involve large groups of their employees.

How We Developed a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for This Company

We Met With Headquarter Decision Makers

After making the initial local connection, I asked for an informal introduction with regard to the national decision makers. After many phone calls and email correspondence, I set a date to meet these headquarter decision makers when they were in town for a meeting.

We Obtained an Understanding of Their Business Model

Not only did I get to spend quality time with national leaders, but I received a thorough tour that allowed me to meet many other local leaders and understand their business model more in depth. After benefitting from their corporate tour, I secured a date to tour them around our local nonprofit offices. Not long after both tours, I was invited to submit a grant for considerable funding possibilities.

We Considered Cost Effective Volunteer Opportunities

Our continual discussions eventually centered around volunteer possibilities and the need for our nonprofit to remain nimble and to think outside of the box in terms of creativity. One of their requests was regarding my willingness to bring volunteer tasks to their Scottsdale office to avoid unnecessary drive time for their employees and to ensure business productivity.

We Created an Onsite Collaboration Space

After spending time thinking through their request, I was able to obtain my employer’s approval and came up with an option that allowed me to be stationed in one of their bigger meetings rooms, and host large numbers of employees throughout the scheduled days. During these volunteer shifts, I made a presentation before every group and passed out packets that included program and organizational information as well as reply devices for donations.

Our CSR Results Were a Huge Success

The results of our tailored cultivation plan were amazing for our nonprofit programs, services and beneficiaries. Over a relatively short period of time, we were able to serve close to 350 employees regarding volunteer tasks requested.

The headquarter office applauded our creativity and awarded our nonprofit $25,000 two years in a row.

Because of the meaningful relationship we established, our local office was able to be the conduit for other states where our organization has a presence and this company has remote offices. These other offices benefitted because of the large donations they received as well as the Phoenix location.

Employee giving, through this company, made a profound impact on the people we served in Arizona. Our partnership equated to a spike in employee donations that resulted in 500 new donors and positive brand ambassadors for our nonprofit.  Donor revenue doubled due to the employee match that this company allowed for employees who invested in local causes.


A Message From Our Founder

Because I served thousands of companies over my professional career, I was able to sharpen my Corporate Social Responsibility skills and am prepared to not only assist companies in building their Community Relations presence but create brand new CSR Programs from the ground up if corporations have an interest.

For further help in this area, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are eager and poised to take your corporation to the next level in terms of good will and positive public relations.